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Capital Improvements

The Walton Park Community Center needs some renovations and repairs!  We're calling upon all 900 households to participate in this worthy endeavor to renovate the playground and make repairs to our beloved gathering areas.


Here's the state of the union: We have recently renovated the playground, all new benches, equipment and we excavated 30 years of dirt to lay the proper amount of mulch. Our tennis courts need replacing (due to water damage underneath), removing overgrown trees and replacing lights. We also look to add a pavilion next to the new playground. Your donations can help make these projects happen faster and with more amenities like electricity, fans and security.

Because our community does not have mandatory HOA dues, and thus far, the amount of civic dues received annually has been low, the neighborhood has been unable to tend to all the necessary upkeep.  Therefore, we need to step up as a community and create a renovation fund.  If most households contribute, we'll be able to get it all done; if not we'll still be able to get a lot of it done.  


And although we'd love it if every household could just write us a check for $200 tomorrow, we realize that isn't realistic for everyone.  So if you can contribute now, then that's great... we really appreciate it.  If you cannot contribute much at this time, please consider making $10 recurring donations monthly... or when you're able.  Or contribute after taxes.  Or after you have a yard sale, a bake sale or sell some items on Craig's List.

If you are unable to contribute financially (which we totally understand... everyone has times in their life when things are tight) yet you want to participate in another way, please contact us.  We need grant writers (Lowe's and Wells Fargo both have community improvement grants) and people to speak with local business owners about sponsorship.
Thank you in advance for donating!
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